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With streets steeped in history and a thriving cultural scene, the City of Edinburgh offers the perfect balance between all things traditional and contemporary. Edinburgh

The UNESCO World Heritage Site at the heart of the city combines the medieval Old Town, the Georgian New Town and award winning modern architecture. Explore Edinburgh at your leisure, you’ll see views that make for perfect picture postcards, mysterious  homes and an abundance of shops, bars and restaurants. 

Edinburgh International Film Festival 2015

In Scotland, and the rest of the UK, driving is on the left-hand side of the road, and distances are sign-posted in miles. Four-lane highways exist mainly in the Lowlands, between Edinburgh and Glasgow. Driving through Scotland can be slow and tedious work, so we try to limit the number of driving hours to a couple each day. After all you're not visiting Scotland just to sit in a mini-bus all day. Rural and Highland Scotland, with their wonderful scenery, are fabulous to tour through, though the roads can be incredibly narrow. Fortunately, we know all the back roads, and will often take you off the beaten track to parts of Scotland that are completely inaccessible to the large Coach Tours, and unknown to most visitors. 

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Flexibility is the key to having a great vacation in Scotland. It truly is ! Let's say you're due to visit Falkland Gardens on a Monday afternoon - and it's pouring with rain. Well, we'll simply change the itinerary around and visit an indoor site until the shower stops. One particular site might be worth a return visit, others might require a shortened visit. Perhaps you'll meet a Scot who invites you to their home, or wishes to take you golfing. That's okay ! Perhaps you might want a day off just to laze around our home base. That's fine too !

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